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To start fitness it’s not so simple for anyone. It’s mine to get out of your comfort site, To dress and go out to the gym or to walk outside to weaken or to run. But I can promise to you when you decide to do so, and find that you can do that and you can enjoy. I find that it’s a good time for me to think about things like work, to listen to music and more than any things it’s time for myself.
All my life the sport was part of my life, as a young woman I ran, swims and gone Jim. But the last years I barely moved, two small babies, full time job and Housekeeping, I couldn’t find a time to make sport.
But now I find that I miss to make sport. Sportswear are changing (so beautiful), the comfortable shoes and all the accessories that I find. I have already organized for me and now any time that I can exercising I do that.

Here the things that I found that are the best for me. And I hope for you too.

Armed band

Armband Includes A Reflective Strip For Safe Running In Low Light Conditions. Secure built-in hidden key holder, perfect for house/car keys. Never worry about having to carry your keys in your pocket or losing them at the gym.



No doubt that to walk or to run with good music, it’s a good idea. For me to walk is quality time to myself and very good time to ear what I like.


Good running shoes make a difference to me. It is important that your shoes are comfortable for you. This is my last buy, And I encounter that are best for me.

Running watch

Designed for runners: Ultra-slim, lightweight, and waterproof watch designed for runners. An extra-large display and one-button control make it the perfect runner’s watch.
GPS running watch: measures time, distance, pace, calories burned, and live stats on the go. Quick GPS Fix finds your location quickly so you can get going faster.
Heart rate monitor pairing: Pair the watch with an external heart rate monitor strap to track fitness and monitor your workout intensity.
Training programs : Set your own interval training program to improve fitness and speed.
Race your pastperformances: Compete against yourself and try to run a previous workout faster.

And of course, it must be in fashion.

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