Everyone wants to stay young forever, although we know it is not possible but, we want to keep our freshness. Skin that looks old and tired conveys on our personality. Proper skin care will give us a fresh, youthful look. We conducted a review of face cream and eye cream to help you.

NeoCutis Lumière Bio-restorative Eye Cream, 0.5 Fl Oz

PSP, Processed Skin Cell Proteins, is a patented cosmetic ingredient developed by leading Swiss scientists and available exclusively in NEOCUTIS skincare products.

helps provide your eyes with a younger, more refreshed look! Daily use of LUMIÈRE provides the following benefits: Helps alleviate skin puffiness with Caffeine. Plumps up the appearance of skin with the hydrating power of Hyaluronic Acid. Visibly diminishes the appearance of under eye darkness. Soothes and refreshes the delicate eye area to help improve the signs of fatigue.

NeoCutis Journee Bio-restorative Day Cream Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 (formerly Journee Bio-restorative Day Cream with PSP) features a multitasking rejuvenation formula that maintains moisture levels while visibly reducing the signs of premature aging. Hyaluronic acid plumps skin with lightweight moisture while UV filters prevent environmental damage. An antioxidant blend of vitamins C, E and green tea extract neutralize free radicals.

In 2006, a Swiss study published in Cell Transplantation found that biopsied fetal cell tissue could be used for tissue engineering—replacing elements of damaged tissue to aid in the healing process of injuries. Those biopsied cells were stored in a cell bank, and today, Neocutis uses cell tissue grown from that original cell line; that is, no other fetuses have been biopsied for cells that are destined for use in the PSP blend in Neocutis products. Rather, they continue to grow cells in the lab from the original cell line.

NEOCUTIS Overnight Smoothing Bio Cream, Fragrance free, 1.69 Fl Oz from Amazon

what people say about:

After the first application, my skin looked softer. With regular use, my “evolving” wrinkles are barely visible. As an added benefit, I thought “what the heck, I’ll try it on the wrinkles that are starting to rise around the corners of my mouth.” Same, happy result. Now I put it anywhere with a hint of wrinkles on my face, then I apply my regular moisturizer. Fabulous!”

The skin looks stronger and fuller. It helps fill in my fine lines. I’m young and I think this is helping to prevent fine lines too. I wear it twice a day and it lasts under make up all day too.”

I’ve been using this product for over 10 years and love it! I’m 57 and don’t have wrinkles or crows feet around my eyes.”

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