Salt lamp is a quality product beyond being a beautiful design item in the home, some say it is used for treatment. When lighting a salt lamp creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. But it should be taken into account that studies show that lighting a salt lamp in the room does not release particles and does not help in the treatment of the respiratory system , such as asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, and more. The Menora has soothing qualities by soothing a calm and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the warm light that is distributed from it. Salt lamp contains a variety of different minerals, which also give it a pink color. The salt lamp can be placed in many places: living room, bedrooms, children’s rooms, clinics, spa, offices and more. The lamp is also suitable for use during the night because it distributes gentle and warm light and can be lit for a long time. The lamp can be the perfect gift for the holidays, home, office, birth, birthdays and more. Especially high quality, added value and of course touch design can not be ignored. Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12” (11-15 lb) with Dimmer Switch & A4 Cinematic LED Light Box Sign A4 fromAmazon

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