Infrared Vein Finder Devices Infrared vein finder devices can detect superficial veins using infrared technology.

Vein maps project directly on skin, helping to find a vein’s location and reduce needle stick attempts.

An infra-red vein finder can meet the needs of medical professionals in both clinical and dental settings, and is ideal for nurses, doctors, dentists, home health care providers, infusion therapists, and many other medical specialists who require accurate, one-stick vein access.

User-friendly design can stretch the skin for easy needle insertion and can restrict a vein from rolling during access.

The 4 Best Infrared Vein Finder Devices

The Veinlite EMS Pro is a budget priced vein finder is specifically designed for nurses, paramedics, first responders, and emergency room personnel.

Veinlite EMS Pro Vein Finder
Veinlite EMS Pro Vein Finder

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At a cost of about $332 , the EMS Pro offers fast and stable imaging of venous patterns to increase the success of the first stick. This vein viewer also offers easy one-button operation and features an innovative, built-in white examination light for quick, efficient patient assessment.


Aimvein is a handheld vein detector costing in the region of $1,499. This vein viewer provides one-touch control and bright illumination options. It is ideal for patients with vascular positioning difficulties, such as obesity, swollen tissue, hairy skin, dark skin, hypovolemia, and more.

Atealus Vein Finder Infrared Viewer
Atealus Vein Finder Infrared Viewer

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This infrared vein finder offers consistent quality and is straightforward to use.


The Lite 2.0 Vein Finder is a popular choice at a cost of around $644 and comes with a free warranty.

It provides clear images of veins in only 1 second, and images are projected onto the patient’s skin to improve the accuracy of venipuncture.

The manufacturers of the Lite 2.0 Vein Finder confirm it improves the success of the first stick by 92%, and patients also report a 39% reduction in pain.

The device is equipped with advanced near-infrared (NIR) light technology to locate veins. The Lite 2.0 Vein Finder will project a real-time image of the veins onto the patient’s skin, providing a clear visual map of each patient’s vein pattern.

A range of six-color scans are also available for easy viewing on a range of differing skin types. Other features include an LED display and image optimization controls.

The AccuVein AV500 is recognized as one of the world’s best imaging systems for medical users. Costing in the region of $5,000, the AV500 allows medical professionals to identify the arrangement of peripheral veins on the surface of the skin. This is intended to help improve venipuncture, which is the most common invasive medical procedure, and it also helps with other vascular access procedures.

Veinlite LEDX Vein Finder



Veinlite LEDX Vein FinderThe AccuVein AV500 is also the first vein illumination tool that can be used without touching the vein. This device is an easy-to-use product and consistently provides clear vein imaging that medical professionals and other users can rely on to find a vein for venipuncture. In order to improve venipuncture accuracy, this device is a great choice.


Infrared Vein Finder Viewer Efficiency Vein Locator,Vein Illumination Detector for On Various Skin
Infrared Vein Finder Viewer Efficiency Vein Locator,Vein Illumination Detector for On Various Skin

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